Friday, August 14, 2009

2009 08 16 - Mission Tour with President & Sister Koelliker

Dear Everyone:
I'm just going to write a little this week so there's room on the blog for all the pictures.
We had a terrific week with President & Sister Koelliker as they toured the mission. I was impressed that he didn't come to give talks to the missionaries, he came to teach them. The theme was bearing testimony and teaching by the spirit. And finding your own gift and using it.
In every zone conference he taught, answered questions, had teaching demonstrations, and opportunities for almost every missionary to bear their testimony. He had asked ahead of time for every missionary to prepare two talks: How to Involve Members in the Work, and How to Teach by the Spirit. Two elders were called up to give the talks at each zone conference, and they were really good. In Newcastle it was Elders, at Hillcrest it was Elders, and in Berea it was Elders
The Koellikers also spoke at stake/district YSA firesides in Madadeni, Richards Bay, Pinetown and Berea. This is in addition to the Swaziland District Conference last Saturday and Sunday. They left us Friday morning to fly down to Port Elizabeth for a stake conference, then he'll be on his way to Uganda and Ethiopia with Elder Holland. I don't know how they keep it up!
More next week!

ps We leave early tomorrow for our couples seminar at Tembe Elephant Park, home of the infamous dung beetles. We are saving ks (kilometers) by carpooling: the office van will have 3 couples, and my minivan will have 3, then there will be cars from Richards Bay, Newcastle and Swaziland with 2 couples each. I point this out simply to show we are not entirely frivolous.

pps Morgan had his first Athletics Meet (track meet) Saturday. His 4x100 relay team won. He was the last leg, so that makes it more dramatic for him!

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