Saturday, April 10, 2010

2010 04 11 - Cape Town in the Fall

Dear Everyone:
It's autumn here, so Hunter didn't get a spring break, but he did get an Easter break, and went to Cape Town with Jono and Jubz and, of course, a mom for driving and paying purposes. They stayed at City Lodge V&A Waterfront and went practically everywhere: Table Mountain, Cape Point, Boulders Beach, Ratanga Junction Amusement Park, Canal Walk Mall, & V&A Waterfront. Their Robben Island trip was unfortunately cancelled, as the ferry needed emergency repairs. This gave them time, though, to tour the University of Cape Town campus. Jono would like to go there after he matrics next year. They ran into three boys they knew: one from the stake youth convention a few years ago, one Westville "old boy", and a Westville classmate visiting his brother. Random!
Meanwhile, the mom visited the Castle of Good Hope (South Africa's oldest colonial building: completed in 1679), and Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden.

Here's what the mom learned from this trip:
1. Teenage boys do not look at scenery - they look at flashy cars and "hot" girls.
2. The west side of Table Mountain is arid; the east side is lush and green. Moral? Always follow the bear over the mountain.
3. If the City Lodge reception desk phone is busy, you can either leave a message or "camp down" until someone answers.
4. Everything really worth seeing is always at the end of a long, exhausting climb.
5. The acronym for the Dutch East India Trading Company is VOC (??)
6. You're never really away - elders can call you on top of mountains, in the middle of gardens, at the bottom of the continent...
7. If there is a longer way to drive somewhere, some moms invariably find it.
8. A free breakfast will get boys up in the morning...but it won't always keep them up.
9. Having a television to watch doesn't necessarily ensure television worth watching.
10. Baboons can get really, really big!

The boys and the mom had a very good time, but are happy to be back.


ps I have it on good authority (Rob Austin by way of his now adult son Nathan) that "When the head is stupid, the body suffers." So be careful who you chirp!

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