Monday, February 8, 2010

2010 02 14 Happy Valentine's Day from Swaziland

Dear Family & Friends:

Happy Valentine's Day!

And Happy Birthday to my sister Nancy tomorrow. We are now twins for one month.

I had minor sugery for carpel tunnel syndrome this week (too many powerpoints & blogspots?) and am one-handed, so I'll write next week.

Love, Mom/Grandma/Sue/Susan/SisterPresidentMann

ps You never know what to take literally here. I ordered a chicken salad sandwich, and got slices of chicken with lettuce, cucumber & tomato: a salad!

So what do you get when you order monkeygland sauce?

pps We now have Elders Shaw & Shawairira; Tsegula, Ssesanga, and Sserumkuma (given name Bbosa); Mbaiwa, Mbithi & Mbongwe.

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