Sunday, February 21, 2010

2010 02 21 - Mission Tour with Elder & Sister Watson

Dear Everyone:

I'm still typing with one hand, so I'll let the pictures do the talking.

Elder and Sister Watson were here last week for a misson tour, and did their usual wonderful job. Sister Watson reminded elders of - and in many cases introduced elders to - the Articles of Faith and the 60+ points of doctrine they discuss. I had forgotten that my older brothers left for the mission field with pockets full of Articles of Faith cards with their names and addresses printed on them. So many of our elders are converts, they never went through Primary and learned them - but they're learning them now!

Elder Watson's talks were both instructional (using New and Returning Member forms) and spiritual - we have all been reminded that however much we love reading the Book of Mormon, it is in the four Gospels that we read about the Saviour's life and ministry, so study them all. He asked the elders who will go home next transfer to bear their testimonies - they were surprised, but powerful. It was a great week for everyone.

Steve is off now on a long loop to interview elders in Bloemfontein (for the first time), Swaziland, Newcastle... we'll see him back here on Saturday. Meanwhile I'm playing professor for Hunter's correspondence courses, andmaking plans for the couples seminar coming up. And trying to get some feeling back in my right hand!

In the meantime, love to everybody!

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